Worship in a Empty Church

Worship in a Empty Church

by Jesus Centric 16508 Comments

Did you know that almost six out of ten teens leave the church at some point? Nearly 60% of high school students who grow up going to church will close the doors to a Christian life. And usually, they don't come back (survey by the Barna Group). "Because of people breaking the laws and sin being everywhere, the love in the hearts of many people will become cold." Matthew 24:12

So the question we must ask and answer urgently is: Why are the comfy seats of our churches empty? Why is there such a large exodus? Why are these people who were born in our churches in such a hurry to turn away and never look back? The text mentioned in Matthew says that the love of many shall grow cold.

Not the love of a few. No need to look far to see people sinning and breaking the law everywhere. So as we draw back and at the same time keep our principles? What really changed in our services? In the shortest answer possible, the intimacy with God. Our intimacy with God is decreasing rapidly. Intimacy with God is directly related to the love we have for Him. Love generates devotion, devotion generates dedication, dedication generates commitment, and who is committed, spends time with what or who is the object you're committed for.

A lot of intimacy, a lot of love. Little intimacy, well, little love. "What good fellowship we once enjoyed as we walked together to the house of God." Psalm 55:14 A person can not live a life with Christ legitimately and without being completely in love with Him. We see this example with the ten virgins. Five wise were completely dedicated to the groom. They had only one pleasure, one hope, one passion and this was, the bridegroom.

But among the five wise, there were five foolish. They looked outwardly like the wise. They dressed the same, spoke the same language. They were even in the same place. But not only lacked oil for their lamps but lacked love in their preparations (See Matthew 25). Our failures in preparation with God is visible in several different ways, one of the being worship.

Worship is the extraordinary tool which we express how we feel about God. As far as prayer, the study of the Word, and desire to be Godly, worship is right up there with them. It brings us closer to God! For the sake of clarity, "worship" in this sense refers to a broader application of the term worship, not the limited application, which refers only to the music. "I can safely say with authority of what is revealed by the Word of God that any man or woman on this earth who is not completely in love with worship is not ready for heaven." A. W. Tozer So how does this apply to worship?

The people who gathered in our churches, they wear as members spoke, and sang, preached as leaders and now all this has become a forgotten chapter in their lives? Loveless relationships cause for divorce, spiritual divorce. Lack of loving God's love. Lack of love for the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Lack of love communion with the Holy Spirit.

Worship is to bring awareness to the holiness of God, to feed the mind with the truth of God, to flood the imagination by the beauty of the Lord, to open our hearts to the love of Christ, to then dedicate one's will to God's purpose. - William Temple "But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for the Father seeketh such to worship him. "John 4:23 They (60%) leave the church because they never had, in fact, a relationship with God, then ask for their inheritances, turn their backs and say goodbye to Father.

We'll never want to do something forever, that we can't do for two hours. So my question for you today is this. How is your intimacy with God? How is your relationship with God? Do you truly love Him? "It is only when men begin to worship as they start to grow." Calvin Coolidge



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Jesus Centric
Jesus Centric


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This is a confirmation and conviction in me from this article that it is only true worship with and in God that draws us closer and connect us to Him. Thank you for this post, God bless.


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