Divorce, The Wrong Side of God's Plan - Part 2

  As we learned a little bit about the divorce rates in the US and also some of the reasons why we think it's wrong or at least it shouldn’t be normal to consider divorce, we must also to know why people are getting divorced. Well, a personal attack here would not be wise or productive, so I call again in the knowledge that the Lord gave us: he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. John 8:7. You can come with whatever excuse you want, one thing remains, we all need forgiveness (Romans 8:23), therefore no one can blame all his or hers struggles in the spouse without considering many things as I want you to do in the following. The FIRST reason people are leaving their marriages is: LACK OF COMMUNICATION the famous: "He or She does not talk to me”, “He doesn’t listen” “she doesn't understand me” "it’s like I am talking to the wall”. I could go in more specifics here, but you get it. Marriage was created by God because man is sociable, that’s how God created us, Its no good for man to be alone, that’s how it suppose to work, but what it seems to happen is, we surround ourselves with friends and fun things to do outside of our marriage, that to be home it seems more like our quiet time where we don’t want to resolve or involve ourselves in conversation and relationship. Recently researches found out that one of the main reason of divorce is Facebook. YES, sounds stupid, and it is when we have family at home and decide to have a better friendship with some, virtually. But that’s not the only reason why people stop communicating at home, another big reason is that, they stop being friends, they have separate careers, they're not committed to each other's happiness (every area of happiness), they are not a family for the glory of GOD (YES, that has every single thing to do with staying married). When people are married in the Lord they tend to care more about fulfilling their part in relationships, as they want to please God and their spouse. The SECOND reason is FINANCIAL struggle, and as the first one decimates families all around the world. We really need to give this one some thought, because if that’s the second reason, can you imagine countries like Somalia, Niger, Iraq, and other third world countries. Can you fathom how divorce rates are in Greece right now? Well, the explanation is not exactly a fine tune to hear. People in rich countries are more selfish and do not allow themselves, personally, to lower their life style, usually, they put the fault of not progressing financially on their spouse. I personally know families that in about 5 years lost two houses, had to take their children out of private school, had their names scorned in the community, fought constantly with each other, but when the battling together for their family paid off, the wife was looking at her husband checking some plans for the next client with proud eyes telling me, “this man is a visionary” . He did not just become a visionary at that moment, but she was reminding herself, that it pays when you keep the promises that you made for each other when love started. In poor countries people are less likely to get divorced because financial issues, because they now that it would be better stay together than leave the house and suffer alone, but the right reason would stay together because that was the plan in the beginning, that was the God’s plan. We will continue talking about divorce, stay tuned for more.

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