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It seems our culture has an idea that the world revolves around each one of us. Thus we've become self-absorbed, thinking only about ourselves. Self-centered, caring only about our own needs. And self-indulgent, seeking to please ourselves no matter the cost. 

We want to change that. Reverse that type of thinking. We seek to encourage others to seek first the kingdom of God, the well-being of others, and to please God's heart before our own. We believe, Jesus needs to be at the center of it all and not us. Let us strive to live Jesus Centric lifestyles. 

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. Colossians 1:17  

We partnered with Mission Haiti to help them in their goals. With the purchase of every bracelet we donate $1 to Haiti. This build churches, orphanages, feeds children and much more - you can read about it here

J G Viana founded the ministry in 2011 with the purpose of helping other grow in grace and knowledge. Born in Brazil, his family moved to Dallas, Texas in 2001 to answer a calling to preach. His father continues to pastor both a Portuguese and Spanish speaking congregations in Texas. He hold a degree in Biblical Studies and is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Investments. J resides in Central Florida and serves as a deacon in his local congregation and teaches Sunday School. You can get in touch with J if you have and thoughts, questions or concerns - or for speaking engagements through his social media accounts, his email address or by completing the form below. 




Eric Pereira is the Director of Media for Jesus Centric. Born in Brazil, Eric moved to South Florida in which he began helping his local church in the media department while continuing his studies. He currently is chasing a bachelors degree in marketing. He has been with the ministry since 2015. To contact Eric, please fill out the form or follow the social media icons below.




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